Fix “No Boot Disk Attached” error in Mac

Mac OS X Lion is the latest operating system from Apple. It has several new features like AirDrop, FaceTime, FileVault, Boot Camp Assistant etc. Boot Camp feature is located in the Utilities folder of OS X Lion that lets you create a partition for Microsoft Windows to install compatible Windows OS. But many of the Mac users have experienced problem with parallel installation of operating systems. When you try to start your Mac after Windows installation, it starts with a black screen and gives message “No Boot Disk Attached”.

This is really a major problem with Boot Camp in Mac OS X Lion. Actually, “No Boot Disk Attached” boot camp message indicate that the Windows partition is unable to startup. It occurs due to issue or error with drive formatting. When you create partition for installation of Windows then it must be formatted by Windows installaer to make it bootable. If you don't format the partition tries to install Windows then you may come across with such error on Mac startup.

In order to fix No Boot Disk Attached error on Mac startup, follow the following steps:

  • Start your Mac computer with Mac OS X (Use Option (Alt) key while startup and select Mac OS X to start with)
  • Run the Boot Camp Setup Assistant
  • Delete the Boot Camp partition
  • Create new partition through Boot Camp Assistant
  • Install Windows on Mac. Before installation begins, you must format the Boot Camp partition using Windows

If you have successfully installed Windows, you will be able to start your Mac and will not receive boot disk error message. If you experience data loss during Boot Camp partition or Windows installation then you can use third party Mac Data Recovery software to recover lost data. The software recovers all the lost/missing data from formatted or corrupted Mac and Boot Camp partitions.

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