How to reinstall OS X Lion using Recovery HD

Mac OS X Lion is the latest operating system of Apple. It includes many new features, utilities that provides excellent performance and reliability. Mac OS X Lion has a new feature “Recovery HD” that allows you restore system software to your Mac with just a few clicks. You don't need to have headache of reinstall with install discs or drives. Hence Mac OS X Lion recovery HD partition is very helpful at critical situation. When you install Mac OS X Lion, this HD recovery utility automatically gets installed.

When you install OS X Lion, the system creates a hidden partition called “Recovery HD”. In addition to the recovery feature, it also lets you use it as Apple's FileVault 2 disk encryption. While in some circumstances, the Recovery HD partition may be missing. If you want to see OS X Recovery HD partition in your system then you need to restart with the Command-R keys. You need to hold the keys until the Apple icon appears which will indicate that your Mac computer is starting up.

When OS X Recovery HD finished to start, you will see a desktop with a Mac OS X menu bar and a “Mac OS X Utilities” application window. If you don't hold Command-R keys, you will not be able start up with Recovery HD. You may see a login window or your own desktop and icons. In order to reinstall OS X Lion with Recovery HD, you will need to get connected to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. You will see the Wi-Fi menu item on the upper-right corner of the Recovery HD window. Click on the Wi-Fi icon to connect.

In case you couldn't start with OS X Recovery HD due to failure of hard drive then OS X Lion automatically use the Lion Internet Recovery feature. Therefore, in such circumstances, you must have a high-speed broadband internet connection. Lion Internet Recovery allows you start your Mac directly from Apple's Servers. Hence, you will be able to reinstall OS X Lion on your system as you can do with OS X Recovery HD.

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