Troubleshoot Lion Recovery update can't be installed on Mac

Apple Inc, has introduced a new feature Lion Recovery in its Mac OS X Lion. This feature lets the user restore system software to their Mac with just few clicks. They don't need to go for physical install discs or drives. This is really the best feature so far for system recovery. Apple Inc, also releases updates for Lion Recovery to improve the feature. But sometime when you try to install Lion Recovery updates, you encounter error message like "Lion Recovery Update can't be installed on this disk. An error occurred while evaluating JavaScript for the package." After that, you cannot install Lion Recovery updates on Mac.

This is one of the major problem with Mac OS X Lion. You must troubleshoot Lion Recovery updates installation error. The error Lion Recovery update can't be installed commonly appears in case your Mac does not have Lion Recovery installed or the Recovery HD was already updated. Lion Recovery automatically gets installed in your Mac during installation of Mac OS X Lion. Sometime, it couldn't install the feature because it fails to create the Recovery HD. You may receive error message “Some features of Mac OS X Lion are not supported for the disk (volume name)". In this situation, you should try to reinstall Mac OS X Lion using Recovery HD.

Remember that reinstallation of Mac OS X requires formatting the hard disk. Therefore, you must backup all your data before you proceed to install. If you cannot make backup your data then you will need Mac Data Recovery software to recover lost data after Mac OS X Lion installation. The software recovers all kind of contents including music, videos, documents, images etc from formatted Mac Hard Disk.

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