Easy access to missing user library folder in Lion

Mac OS X Lion is the latest operating system from Apple Inc,. It has lots of features than its previous version which has greater performance, greater security and reliability. OS X Lion builds a user library folder for each and every user in Lion. You might have experienced problem that user library folder missing in Lion. This is the personal folder of user where you can store any thing like music, photos, videos, documents etc.

If you come across missing user library folder in Lion, it means the folder is hidden. Actually, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) has hidden user library folder by default. When you create any user account, it creates a user library folder for you but it remains hidden. You can't see the folder until you unhide it. You can unhide the folder different ways either using terminal window or graphics interface. Take a look on steps to unhide or acess user library folder in OS X Lion.

  • Open 'Finder' in your Mac OS X (Go to 'File' menu and select 'New Finder Window')
  • In the Finder hold down the Alt or Option key and click on the 'Go' Menu
  • The Library will be available as an option there
  • Drag it to the sidebar. If you feel you need permanent or regular access

Using Terminal window to unhide user library folder in Lion:

  • Go to your Applications folder - > Utilities folder
  • Double click on Terminal
  • type the following command “chflags nohidden ~/Library” (without quotation mark)
  • Now you have turned the user library folder visible

In order to re-hide the folder, you need to run “chflags hidden ~/Library” command on the terminal. Now you can easily access your use library folder in Lion.

If you still missing user library folder in Lion, then you need to create a new user account. This will create another library folder for you. You can unhide the folder following the above steps. If you have stored important data in the user library folder then you will need to use Mac data recovery software to recover missing data from inaccessible folder.

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